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What We Do

West Valley Elite Training and Conditioning is a disciplined and competitive program geared towards keeping kids active and strengthening their bodies as well as their minds. Our secondary mission is to cultivate the player’s flag football skills to prepare them to excel in a competitive environment through player development and team building philosophies.

Flag Football is the fastest growing sport in the United States of America. With the growing concern from parents regarding tackle football and head injuries, flag provides a safer, yet equally competitive alternative. Players will receive the same skill building benefits with less risk to their health. College football teams are no longer only looking to high schools to find talents. 

Flag Football clubs are fast becoming a viable alternative, at the very least a stepping stone to the next level of competition.   West Valley Elite Flag Football Club is the flagship extension of our program where players are eligible to try out four our travelling teams.  We currently operate in 3 age groups, 6U, 8U and 10U. We will expand to kids 12 and over beginning in the fall. However, since our program is a youth based operation, it is our belief that if we can mold a child’s attitude and instill discipline at a young age, we will have a better success rate of successful young athletes. We will hold 2 annual Skills Camps to not only expand on current player abilities but to introduce younger kids to the sport. Players will also participate in fund raising events teaching them responsibility and building character through hard work and dedication.